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[av_testimonial_single src=” name=’Peggy Golden, Quality Manager’ subtitle=’Masada Bakery’ link=’http://’ linktext=” av_uid=’av-ax56h’]
Darryle Thank you for your knowledge, software systems and assessments that have lead us to today. On September 4, 2014—Masada started its journey with a successful first SQF Level III audit! I remember your statement in March when you said we would be ready for our audit by September. I thought you were crazy—but here we are with an “Excellent” score on our first SQF audit. My sincerest thank you!
[av_testimonial_single src=” name=’Koby Stein, President’ subtitle=’Masada Bakery’ link=’http://’ linktext=” av_uid=’av-a6m0d’]
Darryle, On behalf of all the company I would like to thank you for your help and support in the successful passing of the SQF Audit at Masada Bakery. Your insight and guidance were vital contribution to this achievement. Please thank Wayne again for his efforts and time. He was very helpful. I look forward to continuing our partnership in this quest to further improve and upgrade Masada Bakery in all aspects of food safety and quality. Thank you!
[av_testimonial_single src=” name=’Robert Otolo, VP of Operations’ subtitle=’Gillian’s Foods Inc’ link=’http://’ linktext=” av_uid=’av-2mw2d’]
Food Safety Plus SQF software has drastically improved our organization of SQF documents with its easy to use program. We highly recommend this product, as it helped improve our audit scored by 63%!
[av_testimonial_single src=” name=’Robert A. Smith’ subtitle=’President / CEO, Grand Springs Dist., Smith’s Coffee Service, Inc., Pure Water Service, Inc.’ link=’http://’ linktext=” av_uid=’av-2djkh’]

Thanks a million for all the help from Food Safety Plus. We know without your help there is no way we could have received our SQF Certification as quickly as we did. I am told by people in my industry to go from application to passing the audit with only two minors in less than 90 days is not only impossible but improbable. Yet we did it thanks to you and your team.
Thanks a Million $$$$$.
[av_testimonial_single src=” name=’Dustin Weber, GM of Operations’ subtitle=’Mountanos Family Coffee & Tea Company’ link=’http://’ linktext=” av_uid=’av-1dofx’]
Darryle Guarino and Food Safety Plus’s invaluable software, services and support were the most critically important factors in our company securing SQF Level 3 certification. Within 8 months, Food Safety Plus got our company from an elementary QA system with no certification to an SQF Level 3 certified system. Having worked very closely with Darryle and his staff over the past 8 months I can confidently and unquestionably state that without the impressive array of services and support offered by Food Safety Plus, attaining certification in such a short time would not have been possible. I could not have been more impressed with their dedication to the eventual success of our system and business. I offer my strongest possible support and recommendation that anyone looking to comprehensively and efficiently develop an SQF-certifiable QA system enlist the services of Darryle Guarino and Food Safety Plus.
[av_testimonial_single src=” name=’Kathy McClung, Quality Manager’ subtitle=’Amazing Fruit Products-US, LLC’ link=’http://’ linktext=” av_uid=’av-80ac1′]
We just finished our first SQF audit. I am amazed how any company passes without Gorilladox. The program makes you look professional and well prepared. Everything is so efficient and organized. Made audit almost painless. And yes we did pass! Not enough good things to say about Darryle Guarino. He has been our consultant from the first day. His knowledge, experience and caring is what makes him so special. He is a business man but he truly wants you to succeed. Do not hesitate to work with SQF Partners. They are the best!
[av_testimonial_single src=” name=’Blaine Homberg’ subtitle=’Italian Rose’ link=’http://’ linktext=” av_uid=’av-qpwd’]
The docON software is the most useful tool I have ever seen for document control. It is very user friendly and has many useful functions, including training, verification, audits, MSDS, corrective action, etc.
The software just helped us achieve an excellent score on our SQF audit! I HIGHLY recommend docON software to everyone in the industry. It is a must-have for anyone getting and maintaining GFSI certifications.
[av_testimonial_single src=” name=’Lance Boyer’ subtitle=” link=’http://’ linktext=” av_uid=’av-5fgp’]
Food Safety Plus was a great consulting company. Any time there was a question, it was answered quickly and thoroughly. The software that they have developed makes organization of documents a breeze. Updating company documents is as easy as a click of a button.

[av_testimonial_single src=” name=’Tod Eckhouse’ subtitle=’Spring Bayou Foods’ link=’http://’ linktext=” av_uid=’av-67549′]
“We needed help desperately in starting our company in Food Safety Programs. We contacted Darryle and he built our HACCP and other programs in a timely and professional manner. We were able to meet deadlines for our clients and they were extremely impressed with the work that he did. He truly has a passion for the food manufacturing field as evidenced by his work. He is honest and upfront, a quality that we found to be refreshing. If you need to make any improvements to your food safety plan, or start from the beginning like we did, Darryle Guarino should be your first choice!”
[av_testimonial_single src=” name=’Joseph P. Sergio’ subtitle=’Chief Operating Officer, Polar Clean, LLC’ link=’http://’ linktext=” av_uid=’av-5svgl’]
I am a Partner and C.O.O. of Polar Clean, LLC, a national contract cleaning service provider to the food manufacturing and processing industry. Polar Clean contracted with Darryle Guarino of SQF Partners to assist our company in implementing our strategic growth plan by providing specialized training to a broad spectrum of our team from front-line employees to Senior Management. Additionally, Darryle provided general consulting services to Senior Management, allowing us to achieve HACCP Certification, SQF Practitioner Certification, and to lead us toward becoming the first SQF2000, Level 3, Category 30 Certified company in the United States.

Darryle has an excellent understanding of HACCP and SQF Certification requirements, and a strong, practical understanding of business, from the perspective of both the management and the staff. He is an exceptionally gifted communicator who has helped educate and motivate our team to take advantage of the opportunities before us and to overcome the obstacles standing in our way. We anticipate a long relationship with Darryle as we progress on our conquest for excellence in all that we do.
[av_testimonial_single src=” name=’Wayne A. Dean’ subtitle=’Corporate Director of Quality, CKS Packaging, Inc.’ link=’http://’ linktext=” av_uid=’av-584bd’]
CKS Packaging is a bottle manufacturing company with seventeen manufacturing facilities nation-wide. CKS was having issues in one of our facilities jeopardizing our relationship with a high-profile customer. We retained Darryle Guarino, SQF Partners in 2011 to provide us a quality system gap analysis and develop n action plan to improve our overall quality in this facility. Darryle was instrumental in soundly improving our quality and helping our customer regain trust and confidence in our product and us.

Darryle has an enduring work ethic that goes beyond the requirements and expectations that are outlined in his customer contract. He leads you through the analysis and development process and works beside you to meet your objectives. In the near future, CKS Packaging will begin their Safe Quality Food Certification Process. We are anticipating Darryle Guarino and SQF Partners being involved in our certification process.

If you would like to further discuss CKS Packaging and our relationship with SQF Partners, please do not hesitate to contact me.
[av_testimonial_single src=” name=’L.J. Copley’ subtitle=’General Manager, Caribmar Forwarding Company, Inc.’ link=’http://’ linktext=” av_uid=’av-fi71′]
We contracted Darryle Guarino, SQF Partners LLC to do a GAP GMP/Systems Audit. SQF Partners was extremely professional and to the point. They were knowledgeable about the industry (Distribution), and were able to help us not only identify gaps, but find solutions and implement them. They were able to do work in a few days and saved us a great deal of money. They were concerned about our budget, yet delivered a great product/service.

We highly recommend SQF Partners LLC to anyone who wants to identify and solve their gaps.
[av_testimonial_single src=” name=’Kim Bruinsma’ subtitle=’QA Systems Supervisor, Zweigle’s Inc’ link=’http://’ linktext=” av_uid=’av-3p88h’]
Our company has been working with SQF partners to assist us through our 1st time through the SQF certification process. Their experience is one that combines auditor and real manufacturing floor knowledge and with this they were able to work with our entire staff to achieve SQF certification. The SQF audit is not like your typical FSA and we highly recommend using SQF partners for your SQF certification needs.

For more than 130 years, Zweigle’s has been making great tasting sausage, hot dogs and specialty meat products based on our exclusive “Old World” family recipes. Today, as a fifth-generation, family owned business, we carry forward the legacy of quality and excellence that has made us the hometown favorite since the late 1800’s.
[av_testimonial_single src=” name=’Dominic Greene’ subtitle=’Vice Precident Operation, United Fruit and Produce Co.’ link=’http://’ linktext=” av_uid=’av-3cp5l’]
To Whom It May Concern:

United Fruit & Produce Company has just completed an intensive redevelopment Of its food safety systems and food quality systems in every effort to pass SQF Level 2 audits in its repack facilities and separately in its processing facilities. Considerable physical plant improvements were also undertaken. This was done in the space of time between 10/21/12 and 12/19/12. We have been recommended for SQF Level 2 Certification in both locations.

We remain indebted to Darryle Guarino who was our SQF consultant for these development effort. Without Darryle’s deep and extensive knowledge and very long and broad experience we would never have obtained this result in the time available to us.
[av_testimonial_single src=” name=’Wayne J. Arrighi’ subtitle=’Director of QA, Panarama Inc.’ link=’http://’ linktext=” av_uid=’av-2yv8l’]
To Whom This Mav Concern,

Darryle was instrumental and primarily the reason in receiving Our SQF certification in 2 companies that I had worked for as the QA Manager. At Gel Spice (Bayonne, N.J.) we had just passed our AIS audit and required to attain a SQf cert in 3 months. I then was referred by him to my present position at Panorama Inc. (Atlanta Cheesecake Company) where we went from a Silliker level audit to SQF Level 2 in 4 months. Darryle provided.

1. Expert experience with GFSI concepts and procedures.
2. Practical experience and work history With SQF.
3. Knows HACCP training + those in the HACCP teaching/certification business (NEHA).
4. Knowledge of food manufacturing processes (work history was varied -t was successful wherever he was).
[av_testimonial_single src=” name=’Jim Meyman’ subtitle=’Vice President of Operations & Manufacturing, CKS Packaging’ link=’http://’ linktext=” av_uid=’av-218fp’]
Dear Darryle,

I wanted to take the time and express my sincere appreciation to you and your organization for leading and assisting our company, CKS Packaging, in achieving SQF certification with four of our designated manufacturing sites. Besides the education and experience that we have benefited from in this initiative, it was the practicality and cost effectiveness that made the implementation process a value-add exercise. It goes without saying, that your knowledge in the SQF process is deep rooted and well recognized; however, your experience within the manufacturing systems has had a significant impact in assisting us in developing an effective Master Plan that was backed up with credibility among our plant teams.
[av_testimonial_single src=” name=’Michael Hernandez’ subtitle=’Operations & Logistics, Aloe Laboratories’ link=’http://’ linktext=” av_uid=’av-1cqvl’]
I wonder what I can say that has not been already said about your fantastic ability to take a company who had never heard the term “SQF” until a couple of months before our first contact and bring them to Level 3 certification in about three months. In meeting you, you were not just our consultant, our teacher and mentor but you were also a force of nature to be reckoned with and we could not help but be carried away, guided by the inundation of training, walk-thru’s and analysis.
Are you professional? Of course!
Are you knowledgeable? Extremely!
But what resonated with me more than anything is something I noticed in the
signature line of your emails
[av_testimonial_single src=” name=’Frank Mara’ subtitle=’Senior Vice President, Berjé Inc.’ link=’http://’ linktext=” av_uid=’av-12gcp’]
I want to thank Food Safety Plus and Darryle Guarino specifically for a stellar job in guiding Berjé to an SQF Level three certificate. Darryl was the only consultant interviewed who saw the world as we did and fulfilled our needs without adding fluff to our already difficult business. It was a pleasure working with a person who has run plants and sees the other side of regulation. As well, Food Safety Plus understood our time and financial constraints allowing this process to be completed in an expedited manner. Again thank you for a job well done.