Going Digital and Finding the Right Food Safety Consultant to Help You

Today’s Food Manufacturing / Distribution companies are going for GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiatives) Certification, which is becoming the standard requirement for Groceries/Customer Requirements.      GFSI Audits such as: SQF (Safe Quality Foods) and BRC (British Retail Consortium) Audit Schemes are increasing each year in the US and creating an additional need for documentation and workforce.

The QUESTION is: What can we do to meet the standards and do it in a way that does not break our bank and resources. Companies have struggled for years and could go the wrong path from the start, which could result in months/years of lost efforts/time and loss of money ($).    So, what can a company do to get GFSI (SQF/BRC) certified without loss of time and money?


Safe Quality Food Program SQF

Safe Quality Food Program (SQF)


Companies could hire consultants and software, but one wrong move, and you could spend more than you needed to and waste time.   This could result in a loss of customers and business. Choosing the right consultant and software can be stressful and cost you thousands of dollars.      What to do?   Choose your consultant first and ask about digital solutions.   Test the consultant on your specific products and the ins and outs of processing/distribution.    Make sure they are using the commonsense approach and know the risk assessments that should be done to help you save time and money.   The key is COMMONSENSE? At times this does not seem to be so common.

Also, check your consultant’s history and software reputation.   This is one way to measure if you are going in the right direction.   Saving money on a consultant and software could double your time frame and cost you twice as much downstream.   Passing your audit the first time is key!    We tell our customers at GFSC Group and Food Safety Plus a good analogy is like saving on cheap labor and materials in your house, it will cost you more later.

GFSC Group, Inc has addressed these issues over the3 years and selects their customers carefully.   We are family to our customers, and you should be looking for the same.

If questions on how to go about selecting your consultant and or software, GFSC Group, Inc. is willing to help you along the way.      We want you to find the best fit solution, even if that means going to another company.


SQF Consulting Software FSP

Food Safety Plus Software 


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